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Agile Centre Training and Coaching

Our Story

Agile Centre began as an idea back in 2016. We realised that we could make a more significant impact to our clients by collaborating to build something bigger.

What makes our perspective special is that we’re passionate about innovation and coaching and bring different experiences and knowledge to the table.

We’re a small team with big ambitions.

“We realised we could achieve significantly more impact to help our clients if we grew together.”


Agile Centre is a Scrum Alliance-approved Registered Education Provider (REP) based in London with clients throughout Europe, the US, and the Middle East. We provide consulting, coaching, in-house capability training, Scrum and Agile training, both with and without certification, worldwide, face-to-face and online.

We believe that in order to succeed in an increasingly turbulent and competitive marketplace, organisations need to be more adaptive, more innovative and more engaging places to work. We passionately believe that people have the right to perform meaningful work, be trusted to do the right thing, and be supported in their ongoing development. This leads to more successful organisations. It is this belief that fuels our purpose: To cultivate high-performing, Agile organisations that unleash people’s creativity and passion.

We have in-depth experience in helping organisations transition to Agile and have taken a leading role in some of the largest and most successful Agile adoptions across Europe. Every client is unique, but there is always one common factor: our mission is to help you develop your own Agile capability. We understand that people are at different stages of their Agile journey, and this requires different approaches, But whatever your stage, whatever your goal, we are passionate about unlocking the potential of your people.









We are driven by values

MAKE WORK FUN AND FULFILLING. People bring their best selves to work when they are engaged and fulfilled by what they do.

MAKE TODAY BETTER THAN YESTERDAY. Even the very best teams can strive to be better.

BELIEVE IN PEOPLE. Hire great people and unleash their creativity and passion.

QUESTION EVERYTHING. Little of value is achieved without continually challenging conventional thinking.

STEER OUR OWN SHIP. Empower people to do the right thing.

How Agile Centre works differently

Agile Centre is centred around its values, we use these to guide how we work and what we do every day.

We strive to find the joy in work, to be a team that is motivated and engaged and share those aspirations with our clients.

We spot and seize opportunities for continual improvement, continually challenging conventional thinking and practices.

Collaboration is the cornerstone foundation of what we do, who we are, and how we work with our clients.

We believe in building capability, enabling both our team and our clients to do it themselves and supporting them on their journey.

About Agile Centre Team

About our team

The founding partners started the company with no additional support and soon realised that they needed a more strategic team.

We grew from just two part-timers running the operations in 2017, building on the team’s capabilities to evolve using Agile practices to guide us all the way.

Our team now has six cross-functional skilled staff, each with different specialisations.

As a team, we use Scrum and Agile practices every day.