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Client Feedback

At Agile Centre, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional training, coaching, and consulting services that drive real results. Our clients’ success stories are a testament to our commitment to excellence and the transformative power of Agile methodologies.

Agile Centre Feedback

The course teaches a number of theoretical coaching concepts in a very real and relatable way, and applies an Agile lens. I found my the practical exercises and group helped to build my competency and confidence steadily over the few days together. I think I have been very lucky with the cohort on this course, such a diverse and complimentary group of individuals really added a lot of value to the material and the training experience..”

Vicky Hilton, Online ICP-ACC delegate

Learnings were twofold; how to help and coach businesses on assessing culture, leading change; as well as how I want to create/change my culture going into my new role. Great case study examples and interactive exercises, which ensured key points were driven home.

Ruby Paramanathan, In Person CAL delegate

The coaching academy is far more than a training course. It taught me new things, but the combination of coaching and group workshops really enabled me to develop my own thinking. I could synthesise lots of different concepts from agile and beyond into my coaching and facilitation that have made me much more effective.

Simon Girvan, private Agile Coach Academy delegate

It was not just informative and inspiring but challenging as well which is refreshing

Anthony de Wouters, Online A-CSM delegate

The course has been very engaging and interesting. During these months it has been a source of inspiration to face this unprecedented time that requires great creativity and adaptability.”

Lucia Locatelli, Online CSM delegate

An inspiring overview of the role and Scrum/Agile context. It’s nice and collaborative with useful resources.

Vicki Stephenson, Online CSPO delegate

You guys did a really great job in making learning very interactive by using all different kinds of methods. I loved the practicing, the discussions and the group work. I also really appreciated that you introduced frameworks of learning and the systems thinking – both super helpful tools for my work.

Anna Schober, Online ICAgile Delegate

The coaching academy has unlocked the knowledge and confidence I needed to be a better coach. This has made a real difference for individuals and teams in my organisation and has given me a platform to achieve my own personal goals. The level of support and advice is exceptional throughout.

Chris Yardy, Agile Coach Academy Delegate

The course delivery approach is unique. The end to end process, right from the first contact you make to find out about the course, all through to delivery, and post delivery of the course is user friendly. There is that unique human touch that makes you valued as an individual.

Femi Odelusi, Online CSP-SM Delegate

Very good instructor and valuable information. Would recommend to anyone starting in Agile/Scrum.”

Ben Fretwell, Online CSM Delegate

Ben’s extensive experience, his ability to communicate in an inclusive and engaging manner, articulate explanations, and his humility and style.

Rachelle Harvey, Online CLB delegate

The structure of the course, despite being virtual, allowed and fostered collaboration.

Mihaela Vamanu, Online CSP-SM delegate

The class was engaging, the pace was spot on and there was plenty of contact and substance. Very knowledgeable trainer. Keep it up.

Colm Flood, In Person CSPO delegate

Excellent facilitation, very interactive considering it was not face to face

Radhikha Chandrashekhar, Online A-CSM delegate

Very knowledgeable instructor, with relevant case studies and interesting participants.”

Andrew Eburne, Online Scrum@Scale delegate

Over the years, Agile Centre has had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of organisations, from startups to large enterprises. Our tailored Agile solutions have empowered numerous companies to enhance their processes and achieve remarkable success.
Here are some of the organisations we’ve proudly worked with:

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We value our clients’ feedback and success stories. If you’ve worked with us and would like to share your experience, please reach out. Your testimonial can inspire and guide other organisations on their Agile journey.

At Agile Centre, your success is our success. Thank you for trusting us as your partner in Agile transformation.