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Agile Leaders Workshop – Pre Course Exercises

We hope that you are looking forward to your Agile Leaders Workshop with Agile Centre!

In order to get the most from your workshop, we would like all attendees to have completed the below prior to the session.


  • Please complete steps 1-6 below. It is important that you do all steps as we will be discussing each item in the class
  • Please take some time to reflect on each step. Take notes. What resonated with you? What questions do you have? Please bring your notes to the class

Videos & Articles

  1. (~10 mins) – Dan Pink – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
  2. (~6 mins) – Morning Star’s Radical Approach to Management
  3. (~3 mins) – How Google Builds the Perfect Team
  4. (~15 mins) – Dave Snowden & Mary Boone – A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making
  5. (~15 mins) – Steve Denning – Explaining Agile
  6. (~15 mins) – Tony Hsieh, Zappos, and the Art of Great Company Culture

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us at