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Advanced Certified Scrum Master

Our Advanced Certified Scrum Master™ (A-CSM) programme bridges the gap between being a powerful Scrum Master and Scrum Coach.

Gain advanced facilitation techniques, coaching expertise, and deep knowledge of Agile. Lead your teams with confidence in complex projects. Stand out in the Agile community, unlock career opportunities, and become a valuable asset to organisations driving Agile transformations.

Upcoming Advanced Certified Scrum Master Training

7 - 8 Nov 2024 09:30 - 17:30
Online (UK)
£1,295.00 £1,095.00 + VAT

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Our path to CSP Educators have over a decade of real-world experience and deep expertise in agile methodologies.

Gain access to e-learning courses, tools and more with 45 days of access to our Agile Success Academy

All of our courses are available to be delivered in-house for your team or organisation

This course is available as part of a training package to maximise your training budget

Redefine Your Learning Experience with Growing Scrum Masters

With our new on-demand programme, Growing Scrum Masters, you don’t need to set aside two full days for learning. This flexible alternative to the traditional two-day course allows you to shape your educational journey around your schedule and pace. Dive into comprehensive Scrum Master concepts, learn from industry experts, and pause, resume, or repeat lessons as often as you need – all without any time constraints.

Our on-demand course offers the same top-notch content as the two-day course but with added benefits. You’ll have time to truly digest and reflect on each module, apply your knowledge in real time, and review materials as needed. This ensures not just learning but mastering of the Scrum concepts, driving you towards becoming a truly advanced Scrum Master.

Remember, quality learning shouldn’t be rushed but well-paced and deeply understood. Choose Growing Scrum Masters today for a learning experience tailored to you.

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This Advanced Certified Scrum Master course will be delivered by the below Path to CSP Educator

John McFadyen Headshot

John McFadyen

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