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Certified LeSS Basics®

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Certified LeSS Basics training is a highly interactive course covering the LeSS principles, framework and rules. It provides foundation information for choosing whether to use LeSS in your organisation using various thinking tools.

This course is a great introduction to the LeSS Framework, teaching you the basics you need to get started. It is designed to give you the foundational knowledge of how to scale Scrum for more than one team.

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Certified LeSS Basics® CLB training 13-14 February 2023

The Certified LeSS Basics training course is a thorough yet brief introduction to the LeSS & LeSS Huge over two 4-hour modules.

This online CLB course is for those curious about how LeSS differs from other approaches, such as SAFe those looking to determine whether LeSS is for you and your organisation or those that are LeSS curious.

Should you be actively adopting LeSS, then perhaps consider one of our Certified LeSS Practitioner courses.

By the end of the course, not only will you will have significantly increased your understanding of LeSS and your skills at being able to compare it to other approaches you will also have access to all of the training materials and your trainer, Ben Maynard.

So if you want to know how LeSS builds on top of the Scrum principles such as empiricism and cross-functional self-managing teams to make organisations into lean, happy value-creating machines at scale, then this course is a brilliant first step on your journey!

It provides simple structural rules and guidelines for adopting Scrum in large product development.

Certified LeSS Basics training 13-14 February 2023 is delivered from 13:15-16:45 pm GMT

This course is delivered in partnership with Sheev.

Pre-requisites & Certification

Basic Scrum knowledge is expected. Ideally, you will be a Certified Scrum Master® with real-world experience. Feel free to read the Scrum Guide if you would like a refresher on the topic. Alternatively, you can complete our On-Demand Introduction to Agile & Scrum training, or extensive reading.

Full attendance and participation will result in registration for the Certified LeSS Basics certification.

For a deeper understanding of LeSS as well as guidance and tools for LeSS adoptions, we’d recommend you follow up with a Certified LeSS Practitioner course.

This course is accredited by The LeSS Company, and on successful completion of this class, participants will receive the Certified LeSS Basics® certification.