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Kanban Design & Innovation (KDI)

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This virtual Kanban Design & Innovation (KDI) course is a highly interactive, in-depth course covering the values and principles of Agile, and the theory, practices, and rules of Scrum.

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Kanban Design & Innovation 11-13 June 2024

Kanban Design & Innovation 11-13 June 2024 is delivered from 10:00-16:00 UK

This course is delivered in partnership with Helen Meek.

Why is this course important?

This course will teach the tools and techniques to successfully build and maintain end-to-end Kanban systems with a special focus on creating and improving the upstream design and innovation function. Attendees will get hands-on practice developing an upstream Kanban board, gain experience running a STATIK workshop for upstream development, be introduced to the Kanban Maturity Model, take part in exercises in turbulent flow and failure demand, and apply learning through real-world case studies.

This class is a one-day additional module for those who have already taken the Kanban System Improvement class but want to learn more about upstream Kanban systems.

Course Outcomes

This course has been accredited by David J Anderson (creator of the Kanban method) and Kanban University (KU). Each attendee will receive a certificate.

Those attendees taking a KU-accredited course will be eligible to become members of the Kanban University. To read about the benefits and learn more, visit the KU website.

An electronic version of course slides, materials and workshop output will also be provided after the course closes.