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Business Agility Canvas

Visualise and communicate your agile transformation on a single page to create alignment & buy-in.

The Business Agility Canvas helps to shape agile transformations through an understanding of the Six Enablers of Business Agility, and helps to create a plan to succeed.

Why use the Business Agility canvas?

Create Alignment

Get everyone pulling in the same direction with your ‘transformation on a page’

Business Agility Canvas

See the Big Picture

Gain an understanding of the key areas where change is required to avoid a shallow adoption

Visualising Transformation

Stay on top of goals and actions while communicating easily with key stakeholders

For more information about the Six Enablers of Business Agility, see Karim’s blog post here.

Creative Commons Licence

The Business Agility Canvas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Learn more about Agile Leadership and Business Agility

Certified Agile Leader 1

Certified Agile Leadership (CAL)

Agile leaders thrive in times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Tough times build competitive advantage for Agile leaders because of the culture and business agility mindset they instil in their teams. Learn how to create, nurture and develop great answers to compelling questions with our Certified Agile Leadership course. Learn how to lead with purpose, vision and create Agile organisations that unleash your team’s creativity and passion.

The 6 Enablers of Business Agility: How to Thrive in an Uncertain World by Karim Harbott

Installing agile tools and practices won’t be enough to respond to rapid market change unless you lay the groundwork with six key enabling factors.

An ever-growing pile of frameworks and tools falsely offer an easy route to organizational agility. However, responding to rapid market change requires you alter so much more than just your way of working. Your work style is only one of six factors that Agile Centre’s research identifies as the key to success. From years of experience certifying people in agile leadership, product ownership, and scrum mastery, Karim Harbott has created a model that will help your organization achieve all six factors required for success: leadership, culture, structure, engagement, and governance as well as ways of working together. Drawing from Harbott’s famous Business Agility Canvas, this book will help leaders get realistic about the scope of the changes needed in their organization and show them how to get started.

Agile Leadership & Business Agility Meetup

We believe that agile leadership is vital for fostering engaging, creative workplaces which can unlock true business agility and thrive in an ever-more complex and unpredictable world

Our Agile Leadership & Business Agility group is the go-to meetup for leaders and transformation coaches seeking to learn and to build their network of like-minded people in the business agility space. Expect to be inspired, challenged, engaged and educated in 21st century leadership and business agility practices by world-class speakers.