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Agile Manchester Workshop

Successfully delivering solutions in an agile way is not as easy as the Agile Manifesto or Scrum Guide would imply.

In real life, backlogs aren’t perfectly formed, teams aren’t all equally well skilled and experienced, and stakeholders don’t all exhibit an agile mindset.

This workshop introduces two highly effective techniques to help teams navigate the stormy waters that will inevitably present themselves:

Inception Deck and Lift off with Agile Chartering.

The Inception Deck is a collection of 13 techniques, models and ideas that explore the problem, proposed solution and environment from a number of different (and innovative) perspectives.

It is particularly helpful before starting work in earnest and can help identify the right skills for the team and the approach to take.

Liftoff with Agile Chartering is a workshop approach to getting the product team aligned, focussed on the goal and prepared for the journey.

It is a set of activities and events that are a highly effective way to create a high performing team at the start of a project, or when project conditions or team membership changes.

The workshop uses a pirate ship metaphor to help explain why the Inception Deck helps prepare the ship for sailing, and hire the right crew.

Once the journey starts, Lift Off and Agile Chartering help the crew prepare for the journey and ensures they set off in the right direction.

The interactive workshop includes a number of exercises and includes a complete example Inception Deck, and several Lift Off example artefacts.

The following resources are available to download and use:

The Workshop will be presented by Simon Girvan