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Focusing on job satisfaction

Over the past few weeks, this blog has examined the matter of our relationships with our jobs and how we can improve them. This hasn’t consisted of anything fancy–we’ve just examined questions around what we think of our jobs, what we really want out of them, and what we bring to them. Direct and simple engagement with these sorts of questions can be highly effective as long as we’re willing to be very honest with ourselves and in our responses to them.

This series of posts has been motivated by a recognition that we’re often encouraged to take a negative and even unhealthy view of employment in this vexed economic time–we’re reminded at every term that virtually everyone’s employment is precarious and that we must do all we can to hold onto any job, and it’s simultaneously assumed that, whatever we do, we must hate it.

If the above sounds bewilderingly unfamiliar to you, you probably like your work and have a good relationship to it. But if you are discontent in your job situation and have been reading the past few posts, I hope you’ve been thinking about that relationship and changing it.

So what have your results been? If you’ve genuinely asked yourself the questions I’ve been posing here, you should have a somewhat clearer sense of whether you need to approach your current job differently or need think seriously about looking for a new one.

If you’ve concluded that you do, in fact, want new challenges with a new organisation, the next moves can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re in management or an executive. But they don’t have to be. If you take the process step-by-step, you’ll remind yourself every minute of why you deserve to be in a situation that will bring out your professional best. We’ll talk about some of those steps next week; meanwhile, feel free to contact Agile Centre if you’d like to talk to one of our coaching professionals about changing your work life.

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