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On-demand Scrum Master Preparation Exams

For many, the Certified ScrumMaster® or Professional Scrum Master™ exam is the most nerve-wracking aspect of gaining a Scrum Master certification. Our On-demand Scrum Master Preparation Exams course aims to prepare you for this final hurdle in the quest to becoming a Certified ScrumMaster® with Scrum Alliance, or Professional Scrum Master™ Level I with

Created by a highly respected Certified Scrum Trainer with years of experience in the industry, the course has been designed to demonstrate what to expect from the Scrum Master exams, from explanations, through to the vast range of topics covered in the 230 questions that make up our mock exams, inspired by questions from the real Certified ScrumMaster® and Professional Scrum Master™ Level I exams.

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