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Role retrospectives

I’ve been at my current client for roughly a month. The role isn’t that clear but I’m here to serve, lead and coach the team and business. To gain more clarity of what the team needed from me in the role I decided to perform a retrospective.

Quite a simple idea really, ask the team two questions:

  1. what they like about what I’m doing to help them and,
  2. what they’d like to see change, or start doing, to help them further.

I decided to send an email rather than run a session. Why email? Well, the team aren’t too sure about talking openly (the team is about 25 strong). They are unsure about what my role is. And they seem very perplexed by the fact I don’t act like a traditional manager. So I chose email to give them the chance to reflect on what they wanted from the role. They could be open and honest, bluntly so if they wanted to be.

About a third of the team have fed back so far and in general the suggestions have been practical in nature. What has surprised me is the people that have chosen to reply to the email are not necessarily those that would have spoken out in a room. Even in small groups.

Overall I feel this has gone well. I have concrete suggestions I can act on to help improve the productivity of the team, and hopefully the team understand as a servant leader a bit more. Definitely an experiment to try again, here and with future clients.