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The Art of the Post-It®

For years I have watched my husband, John, sticking post-its all over the place while working. I never really understood why. I just thought it was one of his (many) quirks! I always thought of post-its as something you scribble phone messages on and not a lot else. I now consider myself better informed on ‘The art of the post-it’.

In September 2017 I attended a CSM course; this is where my education on post-its began! Our trainer, Karim, was very particular about how to peel a post-it. He told us that there is a right way and a wrong way to peel a post-it – most people do it the wrong way! You should peel a post-it from side to side, not lift it from the bottom as this causes it to curl making it difficult to read. It also stops it from staying as long because there is less of the sticky area in contact with the surface.

Post-its were used A LOT in the CSM! From setting out the tasks for a Sprint in the Lego simulation to capturing questions for later in the day, there was a multitude of things that we used the post-its for. At our company meetings, we use a Scrum board to keep us on task – this is columns of post-its that get moved across as a task is completed.

When John is mapping out a training session, document or whatever Agile related tasks he is working on, it now makes sense to me. He moves the post-its around to get the best layout, to find out how things work together and get a visual representation of it all as a whole.

There’s even app’s that work like post-its but on your phone or computer. I used to be a list maker – I could not do anything without a tick list as I like to tick things off – but now I get that same sense of achievement by moving a Trello card into the ‘Done” list. It made the Christmas shopping a hundred times easier and I could not misplace it or leave it lying around for the kids to read!

If you want to learn more about Post-It’s you can check out their website. If you’d like more ideas on how to use them to improve your organisation, one of our Certified ScrumMaster Training courses is a great place to start!