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Exploring Scrum: the Fundamentals

by Dan Rawsthorne and Doug Shimp

Both Dan and Doug have trained and coached thousands of people, most of whom are already using Scrum. In spite of the fact that they have read about Scrum, have been trained or coached in Scrum, and are using Scrum, their most common complaint is that they need help to do it ‘right’. Dan and Doug have found that many (if not most) of them need some help. 

This book is for them and others like them. 

About the Authors

Dan Rawsthorne is a transformation agent who has been working in an agile way since 1983. He coaches organisations on how to become more successful through agility and his non-software background has helped him detect underlying problems.

Doug Shimp is a leader in agile and Scrum transitions and is passionate about learning to improve product development and applied Agile practices.