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The 6 Enablers of Business Agility

by Karim Harbott

The 6 Enablers of Business Agility

In this book Karim Harbott does not offer a book of recipes, he focuses on mindset, principles, and general patterns.

Adopting the latest agile tools and practices won’t be enough to respond to rapid market change. Leaders must first lay the groundwork by creating the right environment for these tools to work.

This book summarises of the most important factors in increasing organisational agility and why they work, which leaders will need to consider in a so-called agile transformation. Because every organisation is different, each will have its own route to agility and high performance.

Managers will need to tackle all the areas that are crucial to creating an environment in which any chosen approach can work.

About Karim Harbott

Karim Harbott is one of our cofounders, a world-leading business agility and leadership consultant, entrepreneur, author, and international keynote speaker. He has been involved with software development for twenty years and has more than a decade of experience helping organisations with business agility, working with some of the most complex transformations in the world.