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The Human Side of Agile – How to Help Your Team Deliver

by Gil Broza

If you’re a ScrumMaster, project manager, delivery lead, or manager — or you aspire to be — you can make all the difference to your Agile team. Not by being a taskmaster, administrator, or process enforcer, but by leading your team to greatness. Take this book on your Agile leadership journey, and it will help you to:

  • Build and cultivate an engaged team that can handle almost any challenge
  • Catalyze team communication, collaboration, and continuous improvement
  • Establish yourself as a confident and capable leader who adds value
  • Reap the full benefits of Agile in the real world with real people

About Gil Broza

Gil Broza has been an Agile coach since 2004 and wrote The Agile Mind-Set: Making Agile Processes Work.