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The Skilled Facilitator: Comprehensive Resource for Consultants, Facilitators, Coaches, and Trainers

by Roger M. Schwarz

This book is a fundamental resource for consultants, facilitators, coaches, trainers, and anyone who helps groups realize their creative and problem–solving potential. This new edition includes updated content based on the latest research and revised models of group effectiveness and mutual learning.

Author Roger M. Schwarz, shows how to use the Skilled Facilitator approach to: boost improvement processes such as Six Sigma and Lean, create a psychologically safe learning environment for training, and help coaches work with teams and individuals in real–time. This edition features a new chapter that explains how to facilitate virtual teams using conferencing technology.

About Roger M. Schwarz

Roger M. Schwarz has over 30 years of experience consulting coaches and business leaders, helping them get the best results. Roger has written other books such as Smart Leaders, Smarter Teams, and The Skilled Facilitator Fieldbook.