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Certified LeSS® for Executives (CLE)

This course, whilst covering the fundamentals of LeSS in a way specifically designed for the executive and senior manager, it also covers the fundamental aspects of organisational change and how the change requested by LeSS eradicate dependencies that are the scourge of many an organisation.

For a business to thrive they need to be able to quickly and cheaply adapt to changing priorities, enabling them to always be working on the newly discovered highest value item. This has always been a desire for many who are in the business of delivering software, LeSS, however, goes deeper than this.

Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) is one of if not the leanest, minimal organisational frameworks that enable the delivery of a high-quality product. The implications of this are it proactively makes transparent and empowers you to remove of waste from the entire organisation, paving the way to true business agility.