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Do companies invest in the CSM course?

We do have companies who approach us to provide a private Certified Scrum Master course for anywhere between 12 and 24 people within the company.

In these circumstances, we tailor the course to their requirements and focus on a personalised experience that aligns with the company’s objectives and outcomes.

But most of the time it is individuals who sign up for the course with their company’s consent.

A company may not have the numbers to justify a private training class, or they might just have different periods of availability, so it makes sense to book people onto courses on dates that best work for the individuals and teams.

So, yes, the Certified Scrum Master course is valued by companies both large and small.

We work with some of the largest organisations in the world, but we also have a great deal of entrepreneurs and private coaches that we work with too.

It all depends on where the individual and organisation are on their Agile journey.

Roughly 10% of our bookings come from people who are looking to upskill and certify as part of a career change.

They may be project managers in their current companies and wish to certify as a Scrum Master to take advantage of opportunities within the technology and creative industries sectors.

For others, it is a complete departure from their old careers and an opportunity to join the growing Agile community as a practitioner with a path to coaching down the line.

The Certified Scrum Master course is the perfect onboarding point for entry-level Scrum Masters and the Scrum Alliance have a great certification pathway from Advanced Certified Scrum Master to Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master for deep progression in Scrum Mastery.

After a couple years of working with teams, the Scrum Alliance offer the Certified Team Coach (CTC) certification as well as the Certified Enterprise Agile Coach (CEC) certification, which gives you an opportunity to develop your coaching and Agile coaching career.

So, wherever you are in your career journey, there are great certification pathways to help you build on your current career or develop new opportunities down the line.

If you want to become a Scrum Master, visit our Certified Scrum Master course page.

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