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How long is the CSM course and how is it configured?

Traditionally, the Certified Scrum Master course is 2 full days. From 9:30am to 5:30am.

Our online delivery has also experimented with 4 half days to accommodate people who are not able to take 2 full days off work to do the course.

How is the CSM course configured?

At the outset, we are focused on getting you to understand why Agile has had such a significant impact in the 21st Century.

Agile is not a silver bullet.

By that we mean that it is not suited to every application. Our role in the first few hours is to get you to understand what Agile is and to which applications it is best suited.

Agile lives in the domain of complexity whilst traditional waterfall-style project management tends to thrive in environments where most, if not all, variables are known upfront. Environments such as civil engineering or vehicle manufacturing.

The course is designed to help you experience Scrum and actively experience how Scrum works within a simulation.

The course is configured in such a way that you learn through doing rather than simply remembering theoretical knowledge by rote.

Working in small teams, interacting, and engaging with various members in different roles really helps to embed the knowledge and make learning visceral and intuitive.

The exercises and simulations are designed to provide a context from which you can deeper understand the roles and events and artefacts contained within Scrum.

Learning in this way is transformative and helps make the Agile principles and values relevant in a context other than the Agile Manifesto. It makes it real and demonstrates why these values and principles thrive in the 21st Century.

Agile Centre have a maximum of 24 delegates per course to keep the training intimate and effective.

If you are looking to become a Scrum Master, visit our Certified Scrum Master course page.

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