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Meetup: ‘Manege or menage?’ with Dave Snowden

Leadership Meetup – Manege or menage?

Agile leadership meetup with Dave Snowden

“The English verb “to manage” was originally derived from the Italian maneggiare, meaning to handle and train horses. In this earlier meaning, the emphasis is on learning with, abiding with, adapting to, respecting, and working with another complex entity. This original meaning merged with the French term menage, or household, making it easier to adapt the meaning of the combined term manage to the metaphor of the obedient machine, to the corridors of power, and to the actions of controlling and directing. “ Extracted from “Like Bramble Bushes in a thicket” Kurtz & Snowden 2006.

Not all managers are leaders, and not all leaders can manage. Does the cult of the individual, the myth of the heroic leader, create unnecessary dependency? Is self-organisation achievable without some type of constraint?

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Dave Snowden is the CSO & Founder of Cognitive Edge and Director of the Cynefin Centre. Over his career, Dave has pioneered a science-based approach to organisations drawing on anthropology, neuroscience and complex adaptive systems theory.

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