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Meetup: ‘Untapped Agility – Leadership Moves to Transform Your Transformation’ with Jesse Fewell

Untapped Agility, seven leadership moves to take your Transformation to the next level, with Jesse Fewell.

Overview of the event:
Agile transformations are supposed to make organizations modern, competitive, and relevant. But in the well-intentioned effort to move into the future, change leaders find themselves frustrated by pushback, limited impact, poor practices, and unfair criticism. What is going on?

This breakthrough presentation cuts through the “quick fix” hype of agile theory and explains a recurring transformational pattern that unpacks what holds organizations back: The BOOST is the initial gains from logical first steps; the BARRIER is the unavoidable roadblock that must come next; the ReBOUND is the way forward to further gains by leaning against the concept of the original boost. With these counter-intuitive rebounds in mind, this energetic talk explores three leadership moves that can be used to unblock stalled agile transformations.

No, your transformation is not a failure. It turns out the buy-in, the talent, the alignment, and the growth you need to break through are already in front of you; it’s all simply hidden under the surface. Undiscovered. Unutilized. Untapped

Learning Outcomes:
• How labelling agile anti-patterns actually impedes the journey
• How to take the next step past a transformation barrier
• How to reframe transformation barriers into adjustments

About your Speaker

Jesse Fewell is an author, coach, and trainer who helps senior leaders to transform their organisations worldwide.

A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, he is a dual-certified coach (Certified Enterprise Coach® and Leadership Circle Profile®) and an accredited instructor with four distinct agile certification bodies (Scrum Alliance, SAFe, ICAgile and Conteneo).

As a project management pioneer, he founded and grew the original PMI Agile Community of Practice to 18,000 members and 40 volunteer leaders, co-created the PMI-ACP® agile certification, and co-authored the Agile Practice Guide®.

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