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Can I become an Agile coach from both the Scrum Master and Product Owner tracks?

Yes, you can.

In the vast majority of cases, scrum masters generally progress into Agile coaching as a result of the degree of coaching that is involved in their work as a Scrum Master.

They work with a Scrum team as well as teams within the organisation to create an environment where individuals and teams can thrive. They play an active role in working with product owners as well as stakeholders to help build the most valuable product in the most valuable way.

With each day on the job, they naturally progress their coaching skills and make great candidates for Agile coaches as their experience deepens. It’s simply a matter of training and certification along their apprenticeship journey and voila, you have a great Agile coach in the wings.

Product Owners generally love being product people. They love working with teams to create the best possible product that delights customers and seldom leave the product ownership and product management space.

It’s a pity.

Product Owners with deep experience in scrum and Agile environments would make amazing Agile coaches.

Their experience, their unique perspective, and the nature of the work they have been doing over the years makes their perspective and capabilities invaluable.

A product owner will also naturally develop their coaching capabilities as they work with junior product owners as well as members of their development team.

It would be a different kind of skills development to the Scrum Master role but it is equally valuable and equally transferable in the capacity of an Agile coach.

Product Owners will also have a lot of experience working with Scrum Masters and will have a great feel for the role and how Scrum Masters could better serve both the development team as well as the product owner.

We actively encourage Product Owners to consider developing their coaching and Agile coaching skills through our Agile Coaching Academy, and to pursue one of the Certified Team Coach or Certified Agile Enterprise Coach certifications available from the Scrum Alliance.

It’s a great way to build on your career and experience product ownership on a broader scale by working with executives and leadership teams.

If you are a product owner and are considering a career in Agile coaching, visit our Advanced Certified Product Owner course page as well as the Agile Coaching Academy page.

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