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Do product owners attend daily scrums?

It isn’t a requirement as defined by the scrum guide but it is an awesome opportunity for product owners to gain valuable insights into the product development process.

A daily scrum is designed for the development team.

The purpose of the daily scrum is to identify who is working on what, if there are any impediments to progress, and an estimation of how much time it will take before the backlog item is complete.

As a product owner, it is a great way for you to stay informed around the timelines, challenges, and potential impediments to progress.

It is also a great way for you to gain insight into the challenges the development team face when building new products or tackling problem solving.

As a product owner, you would be a guest at the daily scrum rather than leading the meeting.

If you are in the daily scrums, you will also naturally begin to develop a closer relationship with the team.

A daily scrum isn’t the place to get granular details on what is happening. It is short, sharp and designed to simply update the team on what is happening, what may impede progress, and what is necessary in order for each member of the team to achieve their sprint goals.

It is, however, a great place to initiate a more in-depth meeting about a query, impediment, etc. as soon as it comes up.

To simply request 20 minutes of someone’s time after the meeting is a great way for you to stay up to date on challenges and gain a clearer understanding of the product’s evolution.

So, attending a daily scrum is not a requirement for Product Owners but it is a great opportunity for product owners should they choose to attend daily scrums.

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