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Do product owners interact and engage with project stakeholders?

Scrum speaks to product rather than project, but yes, a product owner would engage and interact with product and project stakeholders across the organisation.

As a product owner, you are making decisions about what needs to be built and you are deeply invested in the ‘why’ behind what is being developed.

The goal is to develop products and services that truly delight customers.

In the context of a solid product owner, product stakeholders are just as important as customers, and it is vital that you have solid relationships with them.

Scrum embraces the value of diversity. Diversity in terms of people, ideas, and opportunities.

Product stakeholders are going to be valuable sources of ideas, feedback, and opportunities for your product.

Being the CEO of the product is a big responsibility and having stakeholders contribute to the growth and development of your product is immensely valuable.

They can also act as a sounding board for research and customer feedback that you receive.

In many cases, the project sponsors are going to be product stakeholders and it is important to keep them informed on the progress of the product development as well as enlist their help when it comes to removing impediments.

In some cases, product stakeholders are also customers.

A product owner needs to be talking to them to understand the problems they are trying to solve. To understand what they are hoping to achieve.

Their input and feedback will inform product development and ensure that you are building products and services that truly delight both customers and stakeholders.

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