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How does a product owner integrate into a marketing team?

A product owner is the CEO of the product. They know the vision, mission and purpose of the product and they know what the product is and why it exists.

A marketing team have the skills necessary to deliver the product to the market.

So it is, in effect, the other way around.

A marketing team work with a product owner to achieve a successful product launch or adoption.

The marketing team would be very much like the development team in a scrum environment.

They have the specialized and cross-functional skills necessary to deliver the product to market.

A product owner would work closely with the marketing team to achieve that.

It isn’t a product unless there is a market for it and as such, the marketing team play a crucial role in the success of a product during its lifecycle.

When it comes to the creation of marketing material and marketing collateral, a product owner would have a significant amount to contribute.

Whether it’s websites or digital campaigns that are being created, the product owner is the guardian of the brand and the voice of the customer within the organisation.

They would be able to inform a lot of the copywriting, design elements, and digital platforms that are deployed to launch and nurture the growth of the product.

Just as the product owner works with the development team to create and refine the product, they would work with the marketing team in much the same way to create product marketing collateral that effectively sells the product and/or service.

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