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How is the Agile Coach Academy going to help me in my career?

Although career development is an important part of a scrum master’s journey, I would urge you to focus on the personal development element of the academy.

Over the years I have seen people achieve promotions and secure new opportunities as a result of the work they have done in the Agile Coach Academy, but these opportunities and promotions are a consequence of the work you do in the academy and as such I would urge you to focus on that.

The Academy provides you with mentoring from Agile coaches and Scrum Masters who have worked at some of the largest, most complex agile transformations in the UK and Europe. People who have worked in the trenches and mastered their craft over decades of hard, focused work.

We view your journey through the Agile Coach Academy as an apprenticeship in agile coaching and walk you through the challenges you will face as an agile coach. We also help you develop your line of reasoning and questioning to help you develop as a coach.

In essence, we’ve walked the path you are walking, and we will actively be helping you with your real-world challenges as part of your personal development.

In the academy, you will also develop a network of individuals with varying degrees of experience and expertise as agile practitioners and agile coaches. You will be exposed to their challenges and learn through the process how to address these same challenges in your own workplace.

A community of like-minded individuals who are investing in their skills development and personal growth as both practitioners and coaches.

We offer a blend of teaching, coaching, and mentoring to help our apprentices develop their agile capabilities as well as their coaching capabilities. You need to master both elements to be truly effective as an agile coach.

In agile environments, everybody turns to the scrum master and agile coach for help when they face challenges but who do you turn to when things go south?

The Agile Coach Academy is your support group and mentoring experience that helps you through some of the toughest challenges you will face in your working career. Resolving issues and helping your team create an environment where others can excel is going to accelerate your career growth and provide you with opportunities down the line.

Knowing that you can bring your working challenges into the group and create compelling solutions to those challenges will help grow your competence and effectiveness as a coach.

The Academy provides you with a safe place to practice your coaching and facilitation skills, tools, and practices. It also provides you with immediate feedback from fellow participants along with recommendations and insights into how you can improve.

So, in summary, the Agile Coach Academy provides you with plenty of opportunities to grow your career as both a practitioner as well as a coach. It will also help you with continuous improvement throughout your apprenticeship, leading to more desirable results in your working environment.

If you like the idea of a mentored and coach-driven approach to your skills development, visit our Agile Coach Academy page.