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How much of an impact can Agile coaches have for entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs are simply leaders in business often working in a smaller business than some of the giants out there.

Agile coaches can work with entrepreneurs to keep them aware of options, aware of possibilities, and help them understand why they are doing things.

Agile coaches work with entrepreneurs to think through what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what the potential impact of those decisions may be.

Helping them to clearly see the options and make a decision based on the consequences and outcomes they want to see happen in the business.

An Agile coach will help entrepreneurs get quick and reliable feedback on products, services and actions. Feedback that informs what needs doing, what is working, and how that can be leveraged to delight existing and potential customers.

Agile coaches encourage entrepreneurs to learn from rapid feedback and delivery cycles.

What is the minimum viable product, ship that, learn from the feedback cycles and make amendments based on the feedback your customers are giving you.

Agile coaches will also help entrepreneurs create a working environment that fuels innovation.

Small start-ups are by their very nature agile. They don’t yet have the bureaucracy and red tape that hamstrings their larger competitors. Agile coaches can help entrepreneurs consciously design their organisation in ways that unleashes their people’s creativity and passion.

Working with teams to understand the purpose of what they are creating and how best to achieve the vision for the specific product or service.

Coaches are great communicators and can help entrepreneurs clearly articulate their vision and purpose for the brand. Clearly communicate to teams what needs doing and why that is important.

An Agile coach will be working with teams to help them learn from each iteration. Learn from the feedback they are receiving from the market and rapidly apply that learning into the next iteration of the product or service.

They will also work with teams to create a system of learning. Learning from customers, learning from the feedback provided by the processes and systems in place, and learning from mistakes.

Scrum is built on the foundation of Empiricism.

That is learning from evidence. Learning from what you have discovered and using that knowledge and evidence to inform better ways of working and better variations of the product and/or service.

Agile coaches can help entrepreneurs develop a product roadmap and articulate that roadmap to the teams who will actively be building the product and features.

There are a myriad of ways in which entrepreneurs can benefit from coaching and mentoring via an Agile coach.

If  you are interested in becoming an Agile coach, visit our Advanced Certified Scrum Master course, Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master course and Agile Coaching Academy.

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