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I have experience as a Scrum Master. Do I need to do the CSM before doing the ACSM course?

If certification is important to you, then yes, you will need to do the CSM course before doing the ACSM course.

There is nothing preventing you from joining the ACSM course, however, we simply cannot award the Advanced Certified Scrum Master certification to you if you don’t have a CSM credential.

The Scrum Alliance insist that delegates first obtain the Certified Scrum Master certification before they can be awarded an ACSM certification.

That said, we do occasionally have people on the Advanced Certified Scrum Master course that do not have any interest in being certified.

Their priority is the learning and skills development element so if you fall into that category, feel free to enroll for the ACSM.

I would love to have you on the course.

Certified Scrum Master course

If you have experience as a Scrum Master but have yet to do the Certified Scrum Master course, you will derive a lot of value from the experience.

Sometimes, going back to basics and learning from a solid foundation can help bridge the gap in your skill set and at other times, potentially introduce new forms of learning that you did not receive in your organic growth as a Scrum Master.

We do have experienced scrum masters who enroll for the Certified Scrum Master course, and it is always a pleasure having them there.

Their experiences combined with the questions they pose and the interactions they have within the CSM course create a unique experience for everyone on the course.

Their perspective helps shape the learning experience in a valuable way.

It can also be valuable for experienced Scrum Masters to pose questions during the course about challenges they have experienced or are currently experiencing.

As an experienced Scrum practitioner, Agile coach, and Certified Scrum Trainer, I am able to give you the kinds of insights that you may not have access to in your current environment.

In doing so, I also provide the rest of the course delegates with valuable insights and recommendations that will help them in their Scrum Master journey.

Insights and recommendations they may never have received had it not been for the presence of experienced Scrum Masters on the course.

Visit the Certified Scrum Master or Advanced Certified Scrum Master course pages for more information on the course, costs and learning outcomes.

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