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Meetup: ‘Agile Skills in a Digital World’ with Lyn & Simon Girvan

Lyn and Simon Girvan discuss Agile skills in a digital world and answer crowdsourced questions on the topic.

Overview of the event

Key Q&A topics include:
• Why is Agile important in a digital world?
• Businesses have always been agile – what’s different now?
• Is agile relevant beyond software teams?
• What are the most important agile skills?

About the Speakers

Lyn Girvan is a business consultant, trainer, coach, author and practitioner. Her particular strength is applying agile mindset and concepts outside software development to help organisations become adaptive. Simon Girvan is an experienced agile coach with over 20 years experience as a practitioner and agile leader working mainly in the public sector.

Lyn & Simon’s book Agile from First Principles is an introductory guide to agile principles, values and mindset that will equip individuals and teams, regardless of role, to apply Agile from first principles. Practical examples are used throughout to illustrate agile theory with real-world context.

Agile skills digital world Lyn Simon Girvan

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