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Meetup: ‘Welcome to the launch of the Agile Mani-fresh-to!’ with Chris Yardy & Rich Freeman

Welcome to the Agile Mani-fresh-to! meetup with Chris Yardy & Rich Freeman, discussing what concepts, techniques and practices you would add to the Agile Manifesto!

What changed in 2020? Well, pretty much everything! We went in to the office, stayed at home, struggled at the home-school, bought a new bike, found out just how bad we were at baking banana bread and met our neighbours for the first time. Heck, we even got an updated Scrum Guide. What didn’t we get? An update to the Agile Manifesto.

Join this interactive session to hear two Agile Coaches pitch their hand-picked, latest and greatest Agile concepts, techniques and practices to add to the Manifesto and be prepared to dot vote which you think is best. What would you add to this hallowed piece of text? Bring along your thoughts and you will be able to pitch them at the end of the session as the People’s Choice. Hopefully, you will pick up some new ideas to help you plan your 2021 and sign up to the new Mani-fresh-to!

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