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What do I need to know before signing up for the ACSM course?

 The Advanced Certified Scrum Master (ACSM) course was designed to be a natural evolution for Certified Scrum Masters (CSM) in their quest to become a Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master.

The Certified Scrum Master course is an entry level certification that teaches you how to become a Scrum Master and understand the scrum environment. It’s meant to be the first step in your apprenticeship as a Scrum Master that will give you a strong enough foundation from which you can learn.

The Advanced Certified Scrum Master course is designed for scrum masters with approximately a year’s experience working in a Scrum Team. It builds on the foundation of the #CSM course and is designed to meet the scrum master at the next level of their evolution as a scrum professional.

What do you need to know before signing up to the ACSM course? You need to know the role of a scrum master and have about 1 years’ worth of experience in the role.

You need that context to grasp the course material and derive value from the interactions and simulations that are found throughout the course.

Technically, you could attend the ACSM course directly after finishing your CSM course, you simply wouldn’t be able to be certified as an Advanced Certified Scrum Master without the CSM and a year’s experience in the role so we wouldn’t advise it.

If you want to make the transition from Scrum Master to Agile coach, the Advanced Certified Scrum Master course will also help you along that journey.

Coaching and Facilitation is an important part of the course material and you will learn how to shift into a coaching and facilitator role to become more effective in your role as a Scrum Master.

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If you would like the idea of a mentored and coaching focused learning experience, visit for more about our Agile Coaching Academy.

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