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What will I learn on the CSP-SM course?

The Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master (CSP-SM) course was designed by the Scrum Alliance to build on the advanced knowledge of the Advanced Certified Scrum Master course and certify individuals as professional Scrum Masters and Agile coaches.

Where the Advanced Certified Scrum Master focused a great deal on Agile theory, tools and models, the Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master course takes a deep dive into the world of LEAN.

There is a great deal of knowledge, insights and learning that has come from the world of lean manufacturing and software engineering, and the CSP-SM course explores how these concepts, models and frameworks have impacted the world of business agility.

You’ll have the necessary knowledge and insight to speak professionally about the application of lean technologies and processes and to understand how these elements can be applied to your working environment.

The Certified Scrum Professional course builds on that platform and explores the concept of professional service as a coach and facilitator.

The CSP-SM course takes you deeper into the world of an Agile coach and provides you with the knowledge, insights, tools and techniques you will need to be a professional coach in a scrum environment.

You will also learn professional facilitation techniques, models, and frameworks to help you get the most out of your Scrum events and interactions with your scrum team.

A great scrum master will also coach people outside of the Scrum team to help the team remove impediments or secure resources, and so you will find that the facilitation and coaching elements are invaluable in your journey as a professional scrum master.

The CSP-SM then explores service to the team in your capacity as an experienced, professional scrum master. You will learn from others as well as your certified scrum trainer how to effectively engage your team and provide them with services that empower them to build and create products that truly delight customers and stakeholders.

The CSP-SM course then takes you into a deeper exploration of service to the product owner in high performance environments. You’ll learn new techniques, tools, models and frameworks that will help you support product owners in their role as the CEO of the product environment.

You will learn from others as well as your Certified Scrum Trainer how to effectively engage the product owner and how to assist them in achieving their product objectives. You will also learn how to get the most out of the product owner and scrum team interactions.

Finally, the CSP-SM course explores scaling agile and organisational change. Scaling scrum is a big challenge for many organisations and you will receive professional insights, tools and frameworks to help guide your organisation through their scaling objectives.

You’ll also be learning how to form high-performance teams and how organisational change impacts both individuals as well as teams.

In the ACSM you explore high-performance teams and what makes them so successful. In the CSP-SM you learn how to create those kinds of teams and how to effectively lead the process of team development.

In short, the CSP-SM does exactly what it says on the tin. It teaches you how to become a professional Scrum Master that has a significant impact on the success of individuals and scrum teams within your organisation.

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