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Why do I need a year’s experience as a CSM before I can attend the ACSM course?

Technically, you could join the Advanced Certified Scrum Master course a day after completing the Certified Scrum Master course, but we wouldn’t be allowed to certify you as an Advanced Certified Scrum Master nor would we advise that you do the course so soon after the CSM course.


Because it takes time for the information, knowledge, and expertise of a Scrum Master to grow.

You actively need practice as a Scrum Master to grow your knowledge and expertise within a context of a Scrum Team working in an Agile environment.

The Scrum Alliance, the organisation that award the ACSM certification, have determined that you need to have fully experienced team dynamics, the challenges of a Scrum Master, and been through the ups and downs that come with the territory to fully understand why the ACSM is structured the way that it is.

We have had people attend the ACSM course fairly soon after attending the Certified Scrum Master course and we had to invite them back at a later stage because they couldn’t fully grasp the concepts presented nor could they actively participate in the discussions.

They simply didn’t have a frame of reference they could draw upon.

Nor could they actively and productively participate in the exercises and simulations because they didn’t have the context, level of understanding, or the tools necessary to apply the learning.

The Advanced Certified Scrum Master course serves a dual role of validating knowledge as well as imparting knowledge. The Certified Scrum Trainer is observing each person and gauging how well they participate as a Scrum Master and how well they are able to integrate their learning with what they already know as an experienced Scrum Master.

For this reason, the Certified Scrum Trainer would not be able to certify you or validate your skills as an Advanced Certified Scrum Master simply because you don’t possess the necessary skills nor do you have the required expertise and expertise.

If you are a Scrum Master and would like to upgrade your knowledge and skills, please visit our Advanced Certified Scrum Master course page as well as our Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master course page.

If you’re interested in becoming an Agile coach, visit our IC Agile Certified Agile Team Coaching course page.