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How does a product owner integrate into a Scrum Team?
Do you need project management experience to be a product owner?
Is a product owner a member of the development team?
How is a product owner different from a project manager?
How is a product owner different to a product manager?
What are SEUs?
Should I do the CSM or the CSPO course?
Is there a recommended reading list for Scrum Masters?
I’m a project manager, is the CSM a good fit for me?
How do I progress as a Scrum Master?
I have experience as a Scrum Master. Do I need to do the CSM before doing the ACSM course?
Can a Scrum Master also be a line manager?
What is my earning potential as a Scrum Master?
What can I do with a CSM credential?
Is there an exam I need to pass to become a CSM?
Is there an alumni group for CSMs?
Is the CSM course theoretical or practical?
How long is the CSM course and how is it configured?
Do companies invest in the CSM course?
Are there different Scrum Master certifications and how do they differ?
Will I be able to lead a Scrum Team after doing a CSM course?
What will you learn on a CSM course?
What is a good certification path for a Scrum Master?
What is a Certified Scrum Master?
What do I need to know before signing up for a CSM course?
How well recognised and respected is the CSM course?
How well does a CSM course prepare you to be a Scrum Master?
Do you get course materials and textbooks on the CSM Course?
What is a daily scrum and do Scrum Masters lead them?
Meetup: ‘The 6 Enablers of Business Agility’ with Karim Harbott
Meetup: ‘Business Agility: Pivot or Perish’ with Richard Cheng
What do Scrum Masters do?
What are career opportunities for a Scrum Master?
Must you be an expert in Scrum to become a Scrum Master?
How will I know if the Scrum Master role is a good fit for me?
Do I need to be a developer to be a Scrum Master for a Software Development team?
Can you create a Scrum environment in a company that isn’t Agile?
Are there different levels of seniority amongst scrum masters
Are there different levels of seniority amongst Scrum Masters?
What are 3 traits of a Good Scrum Master
What is a Scrum Team?
What is the Agile Manifesto?
What is the difference between a Scrum Master and a Product Owner?
Is a Scrum Master a member of the development team?
How does a Scrum Master differ from a Project Manager?
Do you need project management experience to become a Scrum Master?
Do Scrum Masters work outside of Software Engineering Environments?
What is Scrum
What is Scrum?
SWARMing across Strategies with Graeme H
Meetup: ‘Testing Business Ideas’ with David Bland
Meetup: ‘Coaching Leaders through Uncertainty’ with Tracy Sinclair
Meetup: ‘Agile Skills in a Digital World’ with Lyn & Simon Girvan
Meetup: ‘Uber Reteaming’ with Stefan Aust
Meetup: ‘Welcome to the launch of the Agile Mani-fresh-to!’ with Chris Yardy & Rich Freeman
Meetup: ‘Bringing Leadership Agility to Agile’ with Bill Joiner
2020 Reflection
Join Jon Spruce and Ben Maynard at ICAgile Certified Agile Team Coaching course – FREE Webinar
Agile London’s Super 6
[email protected] – Online
“Remote Agile London” with Karim Harbott and Jon Spruce – 17th June 2020
Webinar: “Business Agility Beyond Methods And Tools” with Lynda Girvan & Karim Harbott
Agile Centre – Online Certified ScrumMaster ® (CSM)
Why did we create Agile Centre?
Agile Centre Webinar: “Pivoting in a pandemic” by Jon Spruce
Our Client Experiences – Testimonials for Agile Centre
Belinda Waldock Working with management teams
Belinda Waldock Pareto principle
Belinda Waldock Technical teams are always striving for 100%
Belinda Waldock Feedback from clients
Belinda Waldock Humans don’t like change
Udemy: Introduction to Agile and Scrum by Agile Centre
Agile Centre Webinar: Remote Working and Facilitation with Ben Maynard and Philiy Lander
Alize Hofmeester – What was the biggest challenge to overcome
Alize Hofmeester – Changing the structure is necessary
Alize Hofmeester – How did you work with the leaders of the organisation?
Alize Hofmeester – Bridging the gap at banks
Alize Hofmeester – What would you say to a big hierarchal organisation?
Alize Hofmeester – Tell about the People side of your work?
Pia Maria Thoren Performance Reviews
Pia Maria Thoren – Balancing the level of conflict
Pia Maria Thoren – Do you take it from leadership teams?
Pia Maria Thoren – Leadership being like the gardener
Pia Maria Thoren What is Psychological Safety?
Tony Richards – Barriers to business agility
Tony Richards – How big and small companies struggle with the same issue
Tony Richards – So who was in the guilds?
Tony Richards – How business agility needs to come from the head
Tony Richards – If Aviva can do it why can’t you
Tony Richards – Company throwing the rulebook out of the window
Pia Maria Thoren – What is Agile HR and what does it give us
Belinda Waldock – The pareto principle
Belinda Waldock – Working with leadership and management teams
Pia Maria Thoren – How can we bring an HR department into an Agile transformation
Pia Maria Thoren – What can be done to increase the intrinsic motivation of people?
Belinda Waldcock- Why people want Agile after tasting it
Amir Elkabir – The structural changes are the hardest
Amir Elkabir – What happens at AT&T Israel
Amir Elkabir – One of the interesting transformation done during the transformation
Agile Value Stream Mapping Workshop
How Agile Centre works differently
How Agile Centre works differently