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Welcome to Agile Centre video library, full of videos, how to’s and FAQ’s to support you with your Agile journey.

When did you realise that you had transitioned from scrum master to agile coach?
How does an Agile coach learn to work at the executive level?
What is the one book you would recommend to aspiring Agile coaches?
How do you prioritise team coaching over individual coaching as an agile coach?
What is one of the toughest lessons you learned as an agile coach?
How do I deal with sabotage from an individual in the scrum team?
What is the most valuable communication tip you have for Scrum Masters?
I can’t get senior leadership to buy into a proposal. What am I doing wrong?
scrum project success
We have set up a scrum pilot project. How do I make sure it is a success?
Not everyone on the team supports the decision to do scrum. How do I resolve that conflict?
Our scrum team are battling to self-organise . How do I help them?
How do I help developers work closer with customers?
I am a scrum master and we have just hired an agile coach. How do I help them?
I’ve just qualified as a scrum master and our team are going to do scrum. What do I do?
What does a scrum master do if the team simply can’t get the job done?
How does a scrum master create and nurture motivation in a scrum team?
What is your favourite scrum event and why?
Can you walk us through the 2nd Agile principle and why it is so important?
How does a Scrum Master heal a toxic team environment?
Does a scrum master help identify what skills are needed and if so, how?
What is an increment in Scrum and how do you measure its success?
Is the scrum master active during the sprint?
Why is there no project manager in Scrum?
What soft skills does a Scrum Master need?
What are good OKRs for a Scrum Master?
What is the difference between a sprint review and a sprint retrospective?
What are your top tips for facilitating a great sprint retrospective and why?
Who does a scrum master usually report to or answer to?
How does a Scrum Master help instil Agile values and principles in a Scrum Team?
What does a seasoned and experienced scrum master do differently to a newbie scrum master?
What are some of the most useful metrics for a scrum master to measure and why?
How does a scrum master help with continuous excellence in a scrum team?
What are the scrum values and why do they matter?
What would be an example of a poorly performing team and why?
What was one of your most rewarding days as a scrum master and why?
What does a great team look like and what sets it apart from average teams?
Why is a product vision so important and how do you help a product owner craft one?
What 3 books would you recommend to help me understand product ownership?
How do I nurture and develop coaching skills?
What are some of the challenges I will face when working with a project manager?
How do I earn the development team’s trust?
What are some of the challenges I will face in facilitation and how do I overcome them?
What are 3 things I should do on day one as a scrum master?
Why is it so difficult to estimate time in product development?
Is it a good idea to swap scrum masters and teams occasionally?
What was your personal definition of success as a scrum master?
What are 3 great tools for a scrum master and why?
How does a scrum master facilitate backlog refinement?
What was your worst day as a Scrum Master and why?
What are 3 key responsibilities of a scrum master?
Who coaches and mentors the scrum master?
On-demand Scrum Master Preparation Exams
How do you develop influence and have an impact outside of the scrum team?
What are your 3 most recommended books for Scrum Masters and why?
Do product owners generally understand the value of a scrum master?
What are common mistakes you see in daily scrums?
How does a Scrum Master manage conflict within a scrum team?
How does a scrum master help a development team effectively estimate work?
What are some of the most common challenges a scrum master faces from product owners?
What does a Scrum Master do if a team is underperforming?
On-demand Agile Leadership & Business Agility training
What does Servant Leadership mean and how do you do it effectively?
What is sprint planning and how do you facilitate it like a pro?
How could you tell if a Scrum Master is not doing their job well?
What are some of the biggest challenges a Scrum Master faces?
How do I stand out as a scrum master?
What is the most important responsibility for a scrum master?
How do scrum masters help improve decision making?
What are the key elements of a great sprint retrospective?
What is WIP and how do effective scrum masters manage this?
How do burndown charts work and who facilitates them?
Why is a Scrum Master a critical element of the Scrum Team?
What are the key elements of a great personal review?
How would you conduct an annual review?
What are three key elements of a great sprint review?
Does the Agile Coach Academy help me to achieve coaching certifications?
How is the Agile Coach Academy going to help me in my career?
Does the Agile Coach Academy actively coach and mentor me?
What do I need to sign up for the Agile Coach Academy?
What is the Agile Coach Academy?
Will I be a more effective coach after doing the CSP-SM course?
Is the CSP-SM course an Agile coaching course?
How long is the CSP-SM course and how is it structured?
How much of a difference will the CSP-SM course have on my career?
What will I learn on the CSP-SM course?
Is the ACSM a steppingstone to the CSP-SM course?
How difficult is the ACSM course?
Does the ACSM course translate into a better salary?
Could I coach new scrum masters after doing an ACSM course?
How actionable is the ACSM course content?
What will I be able to do after the ACSM course?
How well recognised and respected is the A-CSM course?
Will an ACSM course earmark me for promotion at work?
What are my next steps after the ACSM course?
Can I attend the CSP-SM course without doing an ACSM course first?
What is the difference between a CSM and an ACSM course?
Does the ACSM course teach me or simply validate my skills?
What do I need to know before signing up for the ACSM course?
Is the ACSM course theoretical or practical?
How does the ACSM course prepare you to be a better Scrum Master?