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What is my earning potential as a Scrum Master?

It depends on your level of experience and the application, for example, whether you are a contracted Scrum Master on a daily rate or an employed Scrum Master on a full-time rate.

According to Glass Door, the average salary for a Scrum Master is £59,350 per annum whilst CW Jobs UK post an average of £62,500 per annum. Entry-level salaries for a Scrum Master in the UK is around £44,873 per annum.

In the US, the average salary for a Scrum Master is $100,000 per annum.

In the contracting world, experienced Scrum Masters can earn between £500 per day and £1,500 per day depending on the nature of the engagement and the extent of their expertise.

Scrum Master Progression

In terms of earning potential, the sky really is the limit.

A natural progression for Scrum Masters is often in the direction of becoming an Agile Coach.

A Scrum Master can progress to an Advanced Certified Scrum Master after a year of practicing as a Scrum Master and onto a Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master after an additional year of practice.

IC Agile offer a Certified Agile Team Coaching course and certification for Scrum Masters if you would like to enter the world of Agile Coaching a little sooner than the Scrum Alliance path.

According to Glass Door, the average salary for an Agile coach is £76,397 per annum in the UK whilst Indeed list their average daily rate for an Agile coach as £559 per day.

In the contracting world, Agile Coaches can command anything from £500 per day to £5,000 per day depending on the nature of the engagement and their expertise.

Scrum Alliance offer two Agile coaching certifications, namely the Certified Team Coach (CTC) and Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) certifications.

There is not a course for these Scrum Alliance credentials but there is a mentored path.

To become a CTC or a CEC, you would need to work with a mentor and coach to prepare you for the certification application.

Agile Centre started the Agile Coaching Academy with this goal in mind. We are committed to growing the next generation of great Scrum Masters and Agile coaches, and the academy is designed to mentor and coach from apprenticeship through to mastery level.

If you would like to become a Scrum Master and begin your journey toward Agile coaching, visit our Certified Scrum Master and Advanced Certified Scrum Master course pages.

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