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What will you learn on a CSM course?

You are going to learn Scrum.

The Certified Scrum Master course introduces you to the scrum environment. You will learn about the different roles within the scrum team, and you will learn about the scrum events and artefacts that are contained within the Scrum framework.

Within the first few hours of the CSM course, you are going to be learning about Scrum theory and the history of Agile.

You are introduced to where and how Agile frameworks came into being and why they play such a significant role in product development, especially in the 21st Century.

You will also learn how Agile and Scrum differ from traditional waterfall-style project management.

The first day of the Certified Scrum Master course focuses on context. Helping you understand what applications are best served by Scrum and how it all comes together in a lightweight framework to help you solve complex problems and create new products and features.

Learning how to become a Scrum Master.

The Certified Scrum Master course is interactive, fun, and engaging.

It is designed to teach you how to be a Scrum Master through actively working with the concepts and performing tasks throughout the course.

You will work within small teams across a wide variety of tasks, including Lego exercises, to help you experience what working in a small scrum team feels like.

At times, your Certified Scrum Trainer will act as a product owner, helping you understand what it feels like to actively work with a product owner before, during and after a sprint.

The course teaches you how to work in short, sharp bursts known as sprints, and helps to embed the experience in a visceral way.

In essence, you are learning how to do Scrum and how to be a Scrum Master within a Scrum Team.

The practical, engaging elements of the course are designed to embed the knowledge and skillset of the Scrum Master through actively doing tasks and engaging with the people in your team as well as the Product Owner.

We find this style of learning to be truly transformative for our delegates.

Scrum theory makes sense when you are actively working with the concepts and deeply engaged with other members of a scrum team within a scrum simulation.

The course is delivered in-person as well as online.

If you are interested in becoming a Scrum Master, visit our Certified Scrum Master course page.

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