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Meetup: ‘Bringing Leadership Agility to Agile’ with Bill Joiner

Join us for our next live Online event, this time hosting Bill Joiner – author of Leadership Agility and founder of the Leadership Agility 360 assessment.-

–Overview of the event—

Everyone is talking about the need for agile leadership. At this event, you’ll hear about a provocative, robust approach to agile leadership called Leadership Agility.

You’ll learn why Leadership Agility requires more than an agile mindset, and how highly agile leaders think and act when leading organizational change, leading teams, and navigating pivotal conversations. You’ll also learn the three distinct stages leaders grow through as they become increasingly agile.

—About the Speaker—

Bill Joiner is a widely recognized thought leader in the world of Agile leadership. Building on his doctorate in leadership and organization development at Harvard University, he has over three decades of experience as an organisational change and team development consultant, and a leadership educator and coach. Following the publication of his book, Leadership Agility, he has expanded his practice to include training hundreds of coaches in Leadership Agility Coaching and in how to use the Leadership Agility 360 and Leadership Agility Accelerator (self-assessment). He is the CEO of ChangeWise and is based in the Boston area.