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Enterprise Scrum as a Language of Options – Scrum Event

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting the folk at Scrum Event and delivering a talk on Enterprise Scrum, based on my previous blog post, and the way we can use it to explore options with leaders in an Agile adoption.

Enterprise Scrum as a Language of Options

There are many frameworks available to bring agility to software at scale. However, they tend to bring a single answer rather than the possibilities open to an organisation. Only with experience and experimentation will any team understand whether they chose correctly and how to modify any given approach.

At the heart of Enterprise Scrum is a language for defining the instance we create. This language gives us options across many different aspects and a way of expressing how we are managing the transition from a traditional operating model to a more fluid model that is resilient to the modern business climate.

Below are the slides used during the talk and a video will follow soon.

To find out more about Enterprise Scrum and how to implement this in your organisation consider attending the Certified Business Agility Coach (CBAC) or Certified Software Scaling Coach (CSSC) courses. If you’d like to talk to an experienced coach about supporting your implementation then contact us.