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Is the CSPO course theoretical or practical?

It’s a blend of both.

We need to introduce aspiring product owners to Scrum theory and the scrum framework. Much of day one focuses on bringing it all together from a scrum perspective so that product owners can understand how the roles, events, and artefacts of Scrum work.

The theoretical elements continue with the role of the product owner.

You’ll be working with concepts like product vision, mission, and purpose. You’ll focus on why a great product needs building and what specifically needs to be developed or addressed for that to happen.

You will understand why the product owner role exists in theory and why the product owner is such a powerful figure in a scrum team.

Product Owners influence others a great deal and their product vision leads the way.

You will work through each of the tools, models, and frameworks that product owners use to create and capture a product roadmap.

The practical elements exist to help embed the knowledge and skillset.

Once you understand the why and the what, you will actively work in groups to create a product vision and road map.

You will actively work with the tools, models, and frameworks to populate your ideas for a product’s growth and development.

You will work in teams to create, cultivate, and nurture ideas from concept to cache.

Agile Centre take things a step further in the CSPO course by having discussions around each of these theoretical and practical exercises.

The discussions help embed the learning and they also develop your understanding of your own and other people’s actions in a scrum environment.

A large part of the product owner’s role involves communication.

Communication within the scrum team, communication with customers, communication with product stakeholders, and communication with the marketplace itself.

Our classroom discussions allow you to practice voicing your opinions and questioning others about their experiences and thought processes.

So, the CSPO course is theoretical, practical and involves a great deal of discussion around both the concepts and exercises to help you embed the knowledge and skillset.

If you are interested in becoming a Scrum Product Owner, visit our Certified Scrum Product Owner course page as well as our Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner course page.

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