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What will you learn on a CSPO course?

You’ll learn about the fundamentals of Scrum. The roles. The events. The artefacts.

You’ll learn how it all combines into an effective vehicle for creating new products and solving compelling problems in complex environments.

The foundation is necessary for product owners to understand but it isn’t the focus of their role.

A product owner acts as the CEO of the product and their primary focus is going to lie in product development.

So, the CSPO course teaches you about the importance of a product vision and how to create and articulate that vision effectively.

A project manager often tells people what to do and how to do it. A product owner leads with influence and inspiration. So, communicating a compelling vision for the product is essential in building motivation amongst the scrum team to create the best possible product.

You will also learn how to deconstruct that product vision into a set of small, workable items that form the basis of a backlog for the development team.

The backlog is a wishlist in many ways. It articulates all the items that are necessary to build a fantastic product that truly delights customers.

You will learn how to prioritise these items in a way that empowers your Scrum team to build the most valuable elements first and iterate on each evolution using real-time feedback from customers and product stakeholders.

You will also learn how to communicate to your developers what you want to do and why it is important to you as well as the customer that they are done. That could be communicating the problem that needs solving or communicating the features that need developing.

This empowers your development team to make informed decisions on how to build the product.

The CSPO course will teach you how to show your team a vision that inspires them and provides the intrinsic motivation to create the best version of the product or solve the most compelling problems.

In that sense, you will develop leadership capability through influence and inspiration rather than micro-management and managing teams.

If you are interested in becoming a product owner, visit our Certified Scrum Product Owner course page as well as our Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner course page.

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