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How well does a CSM course prepare you to be a Scrum Master?

It prepares you very well.

Doing a Certified Scrum Master course is like doing your driving license for a car.

When you first learn to drive, you are learning how the car operates as well as the rules of the road.

The purpose of each test is to ensure that you are safe and do not prove to be a danger to others on the road. That you are capable of learning and developing from a solid foundation.

It is only once you have your drivers license and head out into the big, wide world as a driver that you truly learn how to drive.

It takes time, patience, and consistent practice.

Becoming a Scrum Master is the same.

CSM Course Foundation

The Certified Scrum Master course provides you with a solid foundation in Scrum and teaches you how to be a Scrum Master within a Scrum environment.

You learn about the other roles, the events, and the artefacts of Scrum with the purpose of giving you enough knowledge, theory, and practical experience so that you can work within a Scrum team.

The course is only 2 days long so it is impossible to impart mastery within that time frame, but we can prepare you well enough to start your career as a Scrum Master.

The recommended reading lists and follow up resources provided are designed to give you the opportunity to grow your theoretical knowledge outside of the practice environment and slowly but surely learn from some of the greatest Scrum practitioners around.

The Scrum Guide reinforces the concept that Scrum, in theory, is quite easy to learn but incredibly difficult to master.

The rules, events, and artefacts are simple and straightforward but because you are working in complex environments with diverse teams of incredibly intelligent, talented, and experienced individuals, you are going to need to evolve and grow as you learn.

Learning Scrum on the job

People and team dynamics are complex.

It takes time to find your feet and learn how to deal with the complexity of Scrum teams operating within an organization that may or may not embrace Agile in all forms and departments.

As a newly minted Certified Scrum Master, you are not going to be expected to do everything on your own. A young CSM graduate will have the opportunity to learn from others as well as to learn from the Scrum team how best to work within that environment.

In addition to practice and learning on the job, Agile Centre have an Agile Coaching Academy that provides coaching, mentoring and training to support you on your apprenticeship as a Scrum Master and into Agile Coaching in the future.

A year into your role as a Scrum Master you can enrol on the Advanced Certified Scrum Master course to grow your knowledge and skill set, followed by the Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master course a year after that to further embed Scrum knowledge and skillsets into your arsenal.

Remember, the Certified Scrum Master course is a valuable first step, but it is simply the first step in your journey and there is lots of support, opportunities for growth, and mentorship through the process and down the line.

If you want to become a Scrum Master, visit our Certified Scrum Master course page.

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