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Is there an exam I need to pass to become a CSM?

Yes, there is.

The Scrum Alliance have created an online international examination that consists of 50 questions.

To pass the examination, you require a minimum of 74%, which translates into getting 37 questions right.

The examination is multiple choice and is relatively straightforward.

You should not experience any difficulty with the examination if you have paid attention throughout the course and are familiar with the Scrum Guide.

The course materials you receive from Agile Centre are more than adequate to help you prepare for the examination.

You have 1 hour to complete the examination.

If English is not your first language or you have any other reasonable requests for an extension, the Scrum Alliance will take your request into consideration and may award you an additional hour to complete the exam.

As part of your Certified Scrum Master course with Agile Centre, you have 2 opportunities to successfully pass the CSM examination.

A link to the examination will be emailed to you upon completion of the CSM course.

What happens if I do not pass the CSM examination?

You will not be awarded the Certified Scrum Master certification until you have successfully passed the examination.

If you have attended a CSM course through Agile Centre and you fail to successfully navigate the examination on both attempts, touch base with us.

We would be more than happy to invite you back onto the CSM course at no extra charge and help you achieve your goal of becoming a Certified Scrum Master.

You would simply need to pay the Scrum Alliance $50 to rewrite your examination and you are good to go.

If you would like to become a Scrum Master, visit our Certified Scrum Master course page.

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