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Agile Leadership Videos

Welcome to our Agile leaders video library, check out our videos on Scrum & Agile leadership to help support you with your journey.

Meetup: ‘Testing Business Ideas’ with David Bland

Live, online Agile Leadership & Business Agility Meetup hosting David Bland – co-author of Testing Business Ideas with Alex Osterwalder and CEO & Founder of Precoil

—Overview of the event—

Building on the best selling Strategyzer books, David J Bland and Alex Osterwalder curated a list of experiments for people who are stuck Testing Business Ideas. They identified three major themes from design thinking and applied them to rapid experimentation. Desirability describes whether or not people want the solution. Viability addresses if you can create a sustainable business with the solution. Feasibility dives into the steps to run the infrastructure. In this talk, David will describe the principles behind Testing Business Ideas and facilitate an interactive session on sequencing experiments.


30 Minutes
– Why test your ideas
– Advanced business model generation
– Identifying risk with assumptions mapping
– Discovery vs Validation experiments

15 Minutes
– Experiment sequencing exercise

15 Minutes
– Q&A with the attendees

—About the Speaker—

David Bland helps people test business ideas. He’s the co-author of Testing Business Ideas with Alex Osterwalder. David pioneered GE FastWorks with Eric Ries, coached emerging product teams at Adobe and even helped Toyota apply lean startup practices. Before his transition into consulting, David spent over 10 years of his career at technology startups. He stays connected to the startup scene through his work at several Silicon Valley accelerators.

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Meetup: ‘Coaching Leaders through Uncertainty’ with Tracy Sinclair

Live, online Agile Leadership & Business Agility Meetup event hosting Tracy Sinclair – Director at Large on the International Coaching Federation Global Enterprise Board & co-author of ‘Becoming a Coach: The Essential ICF Guide’.

—Overview of the event—

Coaching has always been a powerful way to support leaders through change and transition. However, the level of change and uncertainty being faced by leaders today is greater than ever before. This session shares some of the trends being noticed amongst leaders at this time, along with suggestions for further discussion around effective coaching interventions.

—About the Speaker—

Tracy Sinclair is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is also, a trained Coaching Supervisor, Mentor Coach and ICF Assessor. Tracy trains coaches and works with managers and leaders to develop their coaching capability. She works as an international Corporate Executive and Board Level Coach, a leadership development designer and facilitator working with a wide range of organisations. Tracy also specialises in working with organisations to support them develop coaching culture.

She was named as one of the Leading Global Coach winners of the Thinkers50 Marshall Goldsmith Awards of 2019. Tracy was the President of the UK ICF from 2013-2014 and has been an ICF Global Board Director since 2016, serving as Treasurer in 2017, Global Chair in 2018 and Immediate Past Global Chair in 2019. She currently serves as a Director at Large on the International Coaching Federation Global Enterprise Board.

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Meetup: ‘Bringing Leadership Agility to Agile’ with Bill Joiner

Join us for our next live Online event, this time hosting Bill Joiner – author of Leadership Agility and founder of the Leadership Agility 360 assessment.-

–Overview of the event—

Everyone is talking about the need for agile leadership. At this event, you’ll hear about a provocative, robust approach to agile leadership called Leadership Agility.

You’ll learn why Leadership Agility requires more than an agile mindset, and how highly agile leaders think and act when leading organizational change, leading teams, and navigating pivotal conversations. You’ll also learn the three distinct stages leaders grow through as they become increasingly agile.

—About the Speaker—

Bill Joiner is a widely recognized thought leader in the world of Agile leadership. Building on his doctorate in leadership and organization development at Harvard University, he has over three decades of experience as an organisational change and team development consultant, and a leadership educator and coach. Following the publication of his book, Leadership Agility, he has expanded his practice to include training hundreds of coaches in Leadership Agility Coaching and in how to use the Leadership Agility 360 and Leadership Agility Accelerator (self-assessment). He is the CEO of ChangeWise and is based in the Boston area.

Webinar: “Business Agility Beyond Methods And Tools” with Lynda Girvan & Karim Harbott

We live in an extremely fast-paced and seemingly unpredictable world. New business models evolve, technology enables new ways of working and we face global opportunities and threats like never before.

Go into the executive suite of many organisations and you’ll hear people talking about the need for agility. However, whilst we may interpret that as a need for certain tools and methods, often what our business stakeholders are really after is business agility. The ability for a business or organisation to sense, analyse and respond quickly to change. This is a broader, more systemic set of capabilities. It certainly doesn’t just involve ‘putting everything in Jira and hoping for the best’.

So what is ‘business agility’, and why should we care? In this interactive discussion, you’ll have the opportunity to hear insight from two experts and also raise questions of your own. The session will be wide-ranging and will coverL

• What is ‘business agility’ and how does this differ from ‘agile methods of delivery’?
• How do organisations achieve agility?
• What are some of the common blockers?
• What role does culture play (and how can we cultivate a culture of agility)?

About the Speakers
Karim is a business agility and innovation coach, entrepreneur, trainer, author, and international keynote speaker. He has over a decade of experience helping organisations with agile transformations. He has worked on some of the most complex anywhere in the world. He is a non executive director at the Scrum Alliance, and founding partner of Agile Centre, a global agile consulting and training firm.

Lynda is a business consultant, trainer, coach, author and practitioner with over 25 years’ experience of adding value to organisations. Lynda’s particular strength is applying business analysis and agile techniques to help organisations become adaptive. She is head of business analysis and lead agile coach for CMC Partnership Consultancy Ltd (@consultcmc), co-author of the BCS book, ‘Agile and Business Analysis’ and an international speaker.

Don’t Blame People, Fix The System

If you’ve ever been responsible and accountable for a project yet have no control of the systems and processes that govern that project, you will know how frustrating and at times, unjust, that may be. Karim Harbott walks us through a time when he experienced exactly that as a Project Manager, and how Agile Leadership focuses instead on removing impediments, improving the system, and empowering people to ensure the highest quality product/service is created, improved, and delivered for both customers and project stakeholders.