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Product Owner Videos

Meetup: ‘Testing Business Ideas’ with David Bland

Live, online Agile Leadership & Business Agility Meetup hosting David Bland – co-author of Testing Business Ideas with Alex Osterwalder and CEO & Founder of Precoil —Overview of the event— Build…

Our Client Experiences – Testimonials for Agile Centre

We have pulled together a film of our client’s experiences working with Agile Centre and how our structured and interactive, highly engaging teaching style has helped them to explore and understand th…

Belinda Waldock Technical teams are always striving for 100%

Udemy: Introduction to Agile and Scrum by Agile Centre

Whether you’ve only just heard of Agile and Scrum and want to know more or you’re a seasoned project manager tired of constant late delivery, this course is for you.Let the UK’s leading trainers in Ag…

Alize Hofmeester – Tell about the People side of your work?

Alize Hofmeester – What would you say to a big hierarchal organisation?

Alize Hofmeester – Bridging the gap at banks

Alize Hofmeester – How did you work with the leaders of the organisation?

Alize Hofmeester – Changing the structure is necessary

Alize Hofmeester – What was the biggest challenge to overcome

Pia Maria Thoren What is Psychological Safety?

Pia Maria Thoren – Leadership being like the gardener

Pia Maria Thoren – Do you take it from leadership teams?

Pia Maria Thoren – Balancing the level of conflict

Pia Maria Thoren Performance Reviews

Tony Richards – So who was in the guilds?

Tony Richards – How big and small companies struggle with the same issue

Tony Richards – Barriers to business agility

Tony Richards – How business agility needs to come from the head

Tony Richards – Company throwing the rulebook out of the window

Tony Richards – If Aviva can do it why can’t you