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Scrum Master Meetups

Welcome to our Scrum Master meet ups library, check out our collection of meetups on Scrum Mastery to support you with your journey.

Coaching Leaders through Uncertainty Meetup with Tracy Sinclair
Meetup: ‘Coaching Leaders through Uncertainty’ with Tracy Sinclair

Live, online Agile Leadership & Business Agility Meetup event hosting Tracy Sinclair – Director …

Agile Skills in a Digital World meetup Lyn Simon Girvan
Meetup: ‘Agile Skills in a Digital World’ with Lyn & Simon Girvan

Lyn and Simon Girvan discuss Agile skills in a digital world and answer crowdsourced questions on th…

Agile manifesto meetup Chris Yardy Rich Freeman
Meetup: ‘Welcome to the launch of the Agile Mani-fresh-to!’ with Chris Yardy & Rich Freeman

Welcome to the launch of the Agile Mani-fresh-to! – Chris Yardy & Rich Freeman What changed in …