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Team Coaching

Whether you are working with Scrum, LeSS, SAFe or any other Agile framework, we work with you to continuously improve at the Team and Programme level. Working closely with managers and team members, we help you to identify key areas for improvement – i.e. Team dynamics and collaboration, multiple team coordination, technical practices, or governance processes – and to make those improvements, and track progress towards the desired outcome.

In Agile environments, our focus will be on aligning the team with the 4 Agile values and 12 Agile principles whilst ensuring that the team are cohesive, aligned and inspired to address compelling problems and opportunities within the team environment.

Our focus lies in creating an environment where the team can excel. Like individual coaching, we use questions and scenarios to help plan the most effective action moving forward and leverage the team dynamic to achieve the most productive and effective outcomes.

We work with members of the team to identify impediments to progress and develop solutions that empower the team to unleash their creativity and passion.

We also partner with team members to create valuable actions that enable continuous improvement and progression.

Agile Centre use a balance of Professional Coaching as well as Agile Coaching capabilities to achieve the best of both worlds and empower the team to thrive in times of uncertainty and complexity.