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Agile Centre have deeply experienced coaches and Agile consultants who have worked on some of the largest, most complex Agile transformations in both Europe and the UK.

Working with a diverse group of teams from around the world and helping them overcome obstacles and impediments provides us with a deep arsenal to help our clients exploit opportunities and solve complex problems.

Coaching focuses on helping individuals and teams discover the right answer. Consulting focuses on providing the right answer. In our consulting engagements, we do both.

Our experienced practitioners, coaches and trainers work with our clients to develop solutions to some of the most compelling problems they face and draw on our vast experience to help leaders and individuals make the most effective decisions.


We use assessments to help you assess capability, readiness and identify opportunities for continual improvement. From small assessments to larger scale full organisation assessments, we can help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your team and organisation.


Our team of consultants work with small individual scrum teams all the way through to enterprise-level executive teams, offering support and guidance to effectively plan and execute Agile transformations.


Our workshops help teams and leaders identify problem areas and work through those problems to achieve compelling solutions that empower progression and continuous improvement. Workshops are a great tool for rapid decision-making and empowering small teams to take positive action.

We’re often asked ‘what successful Agile looks like?’ and whilst every company is unique, it’s almost always about strong leadership that set a strong, achievable vision with a clear purpose that inspires teams and cultivates high-performance.

If you want to find out more about our consulting services and how we can help, get in touch with our team using our contact form: