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Our hands-on workshops help teams and leaders find and solve problems together, driving ongoing progress and improvement. They also facilitate swift decision-making and boost confidence when taking action.

Our workshops are a great way to learn about Agile and improve your skills for the business world. Explore our range of standalone workshops and workshop series to discover the perfect fit for your needs.

Single Workshops

Discover our range of standalone workshops, each offering a focused learning experience on specific Agile concepts and practices.
Whether you want to get really good at one thing or solve a particular problem, these workshops give you the specialised knowledge you need for your team or organisation.

Prioritisation workshop


Value Stream Mapping Workshop

Two Workshop Series

Set over two 3-hour sessions, Our two workshop series are designed to help your team or organisation to develop new skills.

conflict management workshop

Conflict Management

Agile coaching workshop

Agile Coaching
Essentials Workshop

Five Workshop Series

Explore our selection of workshop series; each includes five sessions designed to help your team or organisation improve their skills.
These workshops give you a clear path to becoming experts in Agile methods and creating a culture of continuous improvement in your organisation.

Exploring Sprint Planning Workshop Series

Sprint Planning

Exploring Sprint Reviews

Sprint Reviews

Exploring Sprint Retrospectives Workshop

Exploring Sprint Retrospectives

Exploring The Daily Scrum Workshop

The Daily Scrum

Exploring Product Backlog Refinement Workshop

Exploring Product
Backlog Refinement

Exploring the sprint lifecycle workshop

Exploring the
Sprint Lifecycle

Exploring the Agile Manifesto Workshop

Exploring the
Agile Manifesto

Exploring the fundamentals of Scrum Workshop

Exploring the
Fundamentals of Scrum

Exploring the Fundamentals 
of Kanban Workshop

Exploring the Fundamentals
of Kanban

Exploring User Stories Workshop

User Stories

Metrics and Reporting

Exploring the Role of the Scrum Master Workshop

Exploring the Role
of the Scrum Master

Exploring Agile at Scale Workshop

Exploring Agile at Scale

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