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Conflict Management Workshop

In Agile environments where collaboration and communication are paramount, conflicts can act as major stumbling blocks, impeding progress and lowering team morale. Our conflict management workshop is a two-part series, “From Clashes to Collaboration: Conflict Management in Agile Settings,” which aims to turn conflict into a catalyst for improvement rather than an obstacle.

  • Workshop Options: Online / In Person
  • Duration: 2x 3 hour workshops
  • Level: Foundation
  • Extras: 45 days Agile Success Academy membership including access to our Introduction to Coaching e-learning course

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Our coaches have over a decade of real-world experience and deep expertise in agile frameworks

Gain access to e-learning courses, tools and more with 45 days of access to our Agile Success Academy

All of our workshops are delivered in-house for your team or organisation to deliver value more efficiently

This workshop is available as part of a workshop package to maximise your training budget

About Your Coach

This Conflict Management workshop series will be led by John McFadyen, Executive Agile Coach and Path to CSP Educator:

John McFadyen

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