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Agile Centre – Meet Our Team

Our Partners

Agile Centre is led by powerful Agile leaders who have significant experience working on some of the UK and Europe’s largest, most challenging Agile transformations. Their hands-on experience, unique knowledge and insight contributes to a transformational, empowering experience for our clients.

Karim Harbott

Karim is an experienced Enterprise Agile Coach, trainer and an international speaker based in the UK. One of only a handful of people to hold both the CST® and CEC® levels.

John McFadyen

John is a business and executive coach with considerable experience coaching senior managers and executives at some of the world’s largest organisations.

Agile Centre Team

Agile Centre celebrates a cross-functional team of individuals who combine to deliver our purpose of cultivating high-performing, Agile organisations that unleash people’s creativity and passion. They are the cornerstone upon which we build unique and transformative Agile journeys for our clients.

Polly Chambers

Louise Williams

Becci McFadyen

Eleanor Ashlin

Millie Tyrrell

Our Coaches & Trainers

Agile Centre take pride in working with coaches and trainers who are qualified, certified and highly experienced. Our coaches and trainers actively work in Agile environments, coach teams and individuals toward high-performing, creative and collaborative teams that embody Business Agility.

Tony Richards

Tracy Sinclair

Jon Spruce

Our Associates

Agile Centre partners with a creative, high-performing team of individuals who support the experiences we create through our training, coaching and consulting initiatives. They are an extension of our business and work with our team toward growing the next generation of Agile organisation that embodies Business Agility values and principles.

Our Collaborators

Simon F

Simon Girvan

Chris L

Chris Y

Agile Centre is a Scrum Alliance-approved Registered Education Provider (REP) based in London with clients throughout Europe, the US and the Middle East. We provide consulting, coaching, in-house capability training, and agile training, both with and without certification, worldwide, face to face and online.